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On the naughty list: Cyber Criminals

Holidays are rapidly approaching and as usual, for me anyway, everything will be done at the last possible minute which this year may be even harder to calculate with predicted postal disruptions.

I never know what gifts I should buy that will bring an inner smile to those on the good list and as such I have to think a little harder.

It will come as no surprise that those on the naughty list are also hoping for a little extra, not something you may have budgeted for.

Cyber criminals will be continuing and focusing their efforts to ensure that at least they have the seasons cheer. Their methods of entry haven’t changed that much, why change something when it works so well?!

So, like a stuck record (or weird buffer-loop error for the streaming generation) :

  • Be careful with clicking the links in your emails, social media and fake delivery tracking notifications.

  • Be wary of opening attachments in email.

  • Don’t enable macros in documents unless you 100% know its safe to do so.

  • When buying online, do a little extra homework when using sites you have never used before and look for company reviews.

  • Avoid sites that want payment in gift cards. Use a credit card for higher value items.

  • Keep using your reputable antivirus and web protection software, you did check its reputation and capability before installing it, it’s still a recommended layer of protection.

  • When out in this bleak environment you will need all the layers you can get, unless of course your risk appetite has increased and you can afford to shed a few pounds.

And as a last tip of the year, use Multi Factor Authentication for all of your accounts that support it and if your MFA client is misbehaving and keeps asking you to approve it when you haven’t logged into something then DON’T. Instead assume someone is trying to hack into one of your accounts.

I think that’s enough season cheer from me, I think that in need to watch ELF again and see if I can do something to pep up my contributions for next year! Happy Christmas everyone :)

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