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Trusted Suppliers

At Data Privacy Simplified, we believe in making data protection compliance simple and efficient and as such we work with suppliers and their tested products that our clients may benefit from and list these on our website. 

(We do not receive any commissions from our trusted suppliers.) 


Information Asset Management

We are proud partners to CoreStream Ltd and the CoreStream Platform. We promote the platform because we believe it is the best one out there and we have a multitude of experience with project managing, testing and rolling out the Platform for other organisations.

CoreStream Information Asset Management (IAM) Register software provides organisations with an online Information Asset Register to manage the end to end asset life cycle. It enables organisations to identify, understand and manage their information assets and flows, as well as any associated risks, breaches and actions.

In the Know

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With over 20 years‘ experience in data, information governance and intelligence delivery, IN THE KNOW'S solutions and services help clients maximise use of data in a responsible manner. Delivering the benefits of Responsible Data Use through innovative training that go beyond traditional data regulation training to educate data users to understand all of their responsibilities associated with personal and business-sensitive data safely and effectively.

IN THE KNOW brings together experts in data, data governance, intelligence, and IT in Finance, Healthcare, Pharmaceutical and MedTech, as an agile, results-oriented consulting team.

What we see: there are many Data Dilemmas preventing companies taking full advantage of their assets in this digital, data driven world. Our current focus highlights the need to have privacy compliant data. This a good thing for businesses: but how do you balance privacy with the need to make good business decisions, based on high utility data and quality analysis?

IN THE KNOW delivers bespoke education programs that support companies ready to identify, and solve, their Data Dilemma.


Information Request Management Software and Secure Scanning Bureau

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From crime and intelligence to information rights requests and vetting management, Geoff Smith Associates (GSA) have been delivering specialist Information Management software and Secure Scanning services for over 25 years.


With its one stop shop approach, the CycFreedom disclosure management solution is helping NHS Trusts, Local Authorities and half of all UK Police Forces with the effective management and tracking of FOI, EIR, SAR and other information disclosure requests.  With its many time saving features CycFreedom provides real time efficiency savings as well as increased risk management with statutory requirements.   


To quote a Information Governance lead in healthcare:  “We are having to deal with more and more information rights requests, many of which are becoming increasing complex in their nature.  After looking at a range of cloud hosted software systems that are on the market we chose GSA’s CycFreedom.  CycFreedom was the solution that best fitted our requirements, with many features that will help us deal with requests in a timely and efficient manner - and importantly help us to reduce the risk of non-compliance with statutory legislation, avoiding monetary and reputational penalties.” 


GSA also operates ScanIT - a secure document scanning service that is helping organisations to convert paper in to electronic files, freeing up valuable office space, saving money in costly storage costs and protecting valuable documents from fire, flood or potentially disastrous loss.   


Information security is at the heart of our company. We are a police approved secure scanning service with IL3 and IL4. Accredited to ISO27001, operating from police approved premises, our expert team offer secure document management solutions including, document scanning, intelligent data capture, archive storage and a secure shredding service.


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BridgeHead Software has been pioneering Healthcare Data Management solutions for almost 30 years. Trusted by over 1,200 hospitals worldwide, BridgeHead offers innovative, scalable and future-proof software and services to help healthcare organisations to consolidate, store, protect, and share one of their most valuable assets – patient, clinical and administrative data.

BridgeHead’s RAPid™ Data Protection suite offers backup, disaster recovery, and archiving solutions to safeguard mission critical systems and data across the healthcare enterprise, whether on-premise or in the Cloud. Increasingly, BridgeHead’s customers are outsourcing the running of their RAPid environments to our team of data protection experts. This provides health IT departments with ‘peace of mind’ safe in the knowledge that their applications and data are not only fully protected, but that the RAPid team is on standby to recover systems and data should they fall foul to a cyberattack, system/application failure, or data loss/corruption/deletion.

BridgeHead’s HealthStore® is a unique enterprise-wide, cross-department, clinical data repository and registry that can consolidate, store, protect, and provide access to a combination of documents, medical images, and/or discrete data; all in one place! HealthStore is helping NHS and private healthcare organisations to manage data from legacy applications. As newer systems are introduced, legacy applications are left behind (such as old EPRs, LIMS, PACS, or even homegrown systems). Over time, these legacy systems become a security threat, increasing clinical, operational, financial, and reputational risk. BridgeHead’s HealthStore eliminates these risks by extracting all of the data from your legacy applications; storing and protecting it within HealthStore; and making it available as part of the patient record (via integration with your EPR). The source applications can then be retired – saving time, money, and resources; all whilst reducing security vulnerabilities and associated risks. For more information:

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