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Simplifying Data Privacy

Data Protection Officer as a Service

An efficient and cost-effective way to fulfil your legal obligation to appoint and address the role of a Data Protection Officer within your organisation. Even if you do not require one by law we can provide you with the assurance you need to demonstrate compliance with Data Protection legislation and meeting your contractual obligations. 

Best of all, taking us on gives you the time to focus on your core activities and what you do best! 

We offer different models from bespoke tailored offers with operational delivery services to a DPO retainer model: 

The benefits: 

  • Independent expert in data protection named as your DPO on the ICO registration  

  • Assistance for monitoring internal compliance, inform and advise on your data protection obligations, provide advice regarding Data Protection Impact Assessments (DPIAs) and act as a contact point for data subjects and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO).  

  • Demonstrate compliance and accountability  

  • Second point of contact and adviser for Information Requests and Data Breaches 

  • Review of current policies and procedures and suggestions for improvement 

  • General Data Protection Guidance and Caselaw 

  • Regular audits and reports to the board 

  • Assistance to integrate Data Protection by Design and Default into internal procedures 

  • A point of contact when things go wrong 

If you require additional support, and require development of strategies and policies, or are not quite sure where to start, have a read of our consulting options below.  

Data Protection & Cyber Security Consulting

Accountability is one of the key principles in data protection law. Organisations must take responsibility and demonstrate compliance with the data protection law.   

We can develop everything you need in order to demonstrate compliance from start to finish or evaluate what you have in place. We design bespoke packages that suits the needs of your organisation, based on what you have or don't have in place. 

Whether we will need to start from scratch or take over from where you have left off, we will ensure a smooth process and step by step implementation so that you and your teams don't get overwhelmed and are able to continue to focus on the core activities of your business. An initial phone consultation with us is always free, so do give us a call to see how we can help you.  

Apart from a full and bespoke Data Protection solution packages, some of the services we deliver include: 

  • Governance Structure review  

  • Providing bespoke Data Protection and Cyber Security Strategy. Frameworks and operating models 

  • Policy review 

  • Policy Development  

  • Gap Analysis  

  • DSPT (Data Security and Protection Toolkit) reviews  

  • Information Governance review  

  • Records Management   

  • Incident Data Breach Management  

  • ROPA compliance map (if required extended to full information assessment management compliance map)  


Information Governance and Data Protection Training

We deliver bespoke training packages to suit all your Data Protection and UK GDPR and GDPR needs. Training delivery can be virtual or in house.


Training we provide: 


  • UK GDPR/GDPR, Data Protection and the Common Law of Confidentiality for all staff

  • UK GDPR/GDPR, Data Protection and the Common Law of Confidentiality for practitioners 

  • Information Rights compliance for practitioners  

  • Specialist Information Sharing for practitioners  

  • Data Breach desktop exercise training for all staff 

  • Privacy by Design and Default Practitioner workshop  

  • Current Data Protection, Confidentiality and Information Access legislation and how they interact 

  • The Roles of the Senior Information Risk Owner (SIRO), Data Protection Officer (DPO), Caldicott Guardian and the IG Practitioner support 

  • Information Rights, Information Assets, ROPA, Records Management and Privacy Policy and how they work in practice 

Benchmarking & Auditing

We have designed our very own benchmarking tool which combines the ICO Accountability Framework requirements, Cyber Essential Plus requirements and the National Cyber Security Centre Cyber Assessment Framework requirements.


We can create a bespoke tool for you and we can use those tools to conduct internal audits to compare the GDPR and Cyber readiness for NHS organisations, local authorities and private providers especially important for new ways of working as an Integrated Care System.


The objective is to ensure digital transformation programs are not delayed and that each legal entity that signed up to work together and share information had visibility of the assurances and controls in place of the other legal entities.  

Benchmrking & Auditing
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